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Mei Mei Street Kitchen: Creative Cuisine

15 May Mei-Mei-Food-Truck-9

Mei Mei Street Kitchen is a food truck that serves Chinese-American food with a modern twist.  Mei Mei’s is run by three siblings, joined together to fight against the forces of lack-luster Chinese food and bring dumplings to a higher standard.Mei Mei's Street Kitchen Food Truck

Mei Mei Street Kitchen food is made with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, which means a 100% guilt-free lunch!

The folks at Mei Mei Street Kitchen are incredibly friendly and eager to chat with customers. They even handed out some awesome almond and green tea macaroons during the lunch time rush to make up for a small backup.

During my visit I got to meet Mei, the sis that shares her name with the food truck, and we talked about their rockin’ new spot on Stuart St. while her brother sizzled up some dumplings behind her on the grill. Dynamite team!

Mei Mei food truck has a rotating menu, offering various dishes depending on when you visit. It’s incredibly fun to follow Mei Mei’s food truck on twitter and see what their latest taste creation is. They are true food truck pioneers, often experimenting with new dishes.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen: Delectable Dumplings

Mei Mei offers a few dumpling variations. Being the meat-lover I am, I decided to try Mei Mei’s Blue Cheese and Pork dumplings.

Mei Mei's Dumplings

My experience with dumplings hasn’t always been stellar. Like many PF Changs eating Americans, I’m accustomed to dumplings being the obligatory Chinese food appetizer. With ordinary dumplings you’ll often encounter a thick outer shell with only the most meager sliver of meat tucked deep within folds of dough.

Mei Mei food truck breaks the common dumpling expectations by loading their dumplings with meat – good meat too! Shredded pork and savory blue cheese. I was at first doubtful that three dumplings could fill me up for lunch, but after only two I felt stuffed!

What is this new glorious dumpling that Mei Mei’s food truck has made? These aren’t your run-of-the-mill appetizers though—these dumplings are meals in their own right.

Three dumplings will cost you $5 – a cheap and filling lunch that will change the way you think about dumplings.

MeiMei Street Kitchen rescues the dumpling from its unfulfilling role as the pre-meal, SMG loaded snack and turns it into a main course worthy of admiration. Congratulations to the dumpling, who has finally found a caretaker to bring it from obscurity to stardom.

Scallion Pancake Sandwiches and Porky Rice Balls

If you love scallion pancakes, you will want to marry and devote your entire life to Mei Mei scallion pancake sandwiches, aka the Double Awesome Choose your veggie or carni(vore) option.Mei Mei's Scallion Pancake Sandwich

I went with the red-cooked braised beef, potatoes, and cheddar cheese scallion pancake sandwich, and it is truly divine.

Equally awe-inspiring are Mei Mei’s creative concoction of fried porky rice balls—a moist rice ball gently fried, with a pack of pork in the middle. It’s OK, you can drool. Drool away.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen gets 4 out of 5 forks.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen exemplifies what a great food truck can be—a chance to test out a wide array of wondrous food creations that leave customers forever indebted for blessing their taste buds. Mei Mei’s will surprise and delight you – an absolute food truck must-have!

Find out when Mei Mei food truck is in your neck of the woods, and share with us your experience! What is your favorite dish?’


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