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Boston Food Truck Festival Review: Epic Fail

11 Jun

Food Truck Festivals of New England, Boston Food Truck Festival UMassFood Truck Festivals of New England hosted the Boston Food Truck Festival on June 10th at the UMass Boston campus center.

With nearly 30 trucks in attendance, it certainly sounds like it would be a fantastic time.

It could have been a great day, if the event had been planned better and a reasonable amount of tickets had been sold.

For some reason, Food Truck Festivals of New England decided to sell an unseemly amount of tickets resulting in—you guessed it—excruciatingly long lines and food shortages.

UMass Boston Food Truck Festival Review: The Lines That Never End

The lines.  Oh the lines. They were terrible. Even the very unimpressive food trucks you’d find at any fair ground in the county had at least 30 minute wait lines.

The lines from each truck were so long that they stretched out from the outer lying circle of trucks into the middle, creating a giant whirlpool of hunger and chaos. Suddenly those silly VIP tickets made sense.

lines at Boston Food Truck Festival UMass

This is the line that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.

Despite promising to “live tweet” the event as @BOSfoodtruck, I almost instantly surrendered that idea, since I was pretty sure that only a few people would enjoy updates about how many places forward I’d managed to move in line every ten minutes.

Perhaps this day was especially grueling for me due to my ridiculously weak tolerance for sun and heat (gotta love that Irish heritage) as I spent my long waits in line glaring at the sun and hastily dumping more sunscreen on myself. After waiting 23 minutes for a slice of pizza, and then 50 minutes for a slider, I gave up on the thought of getting my money’s worth.

While it was fun to see New England’s food trucks all converged together to celebrate the wonder of mobile cuisine, the lack of shade and ridiculously long waits made the day an extreme disappointment, and to be quite frank, a bit miserable.

I’ll rescue myself from being a total crankster by reflecting on how nice it was to spend some time with fellow food truck fanatic and twitterer @Hybernaut. Like many others, we teamed up to divide and conquer by each waiting in a different food truck line with one another’s ticket, but in the end even that strategy wasn’t viable without at least a group of 4 or 5.

We checked in with Staff Meal (sporting their pretty new makeover) and Mei Mei’s Street Kitchen, both working tirelessly in the hot kitchens to serve the hungry masses.

Rocket Food Truck, food truck festivals of new england reviews

I got to try Rocket for the first time. The slider was good, but didn’t justify the 50 minute wait.

This UMass Boston Food Truck Festival was very disappointing and certainly fell well below of my expectations and excitement for this event. I had hoped the food truck festival would give me a chance to review new food trucks and sample a variety of food truck dishes, but I was lucky to get even the meager samples I did manage to scrounge up.

Food Truck Festivals: Buyer Beware!

I wouldn’t recommend attending one of these food truck festival events unless you know specifically how many tickets are being sold –I was told that although the trucks has been instructed to bring supplies for 1,000 servings, there were closer to 5,000 people attending the event.

If Food Trucks of New England wants to make these events work, they absolutely have to plan better, because today was a small disaster, and honestly ruined what could have been a gorgeous summer Sunday.

I would like to tell you about the few trucks I did sample, but the point would be moot—no slider or grilled cheese feels worth a 50 minute wait.

Did you attend the Boston Food Truck Festival at UMass Boston on June 10th? What was your experience? Am I just a crab or was it that terrible?

Update: Food Trucks Festivals of NE has posted this response addressing those unhappy with Wednesday. I don’t find it incredibly comforting personally, but at least they are admitting they did wrong.


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