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Bon Me Food Truck: 5 Star Vietnameese Cuisine

26 Apr bonme food truck noodles

Bon Me Boston Food Truck Review

With the resurgence of food truck culture in Boston this April, I’ve been thrilled to start trying out new food trucks around town.

This week I visited the Boston food truck Bon Me, which now has a new prime location outside of the Prudential building near the Christian Science Center.

BonMe Food Truck chillin' outside the Prudential center

The long awaited BonMe food truck!

I had already heard good things about this Vietnamese-inspired food truck, so I was pretty psyched to hear that they were parking right outside my office.

Bon Me has a flat $6 rate for their meals, and you get to choose from your choice of:

  • Rice bowl (brown or white rice)
  • Noodle salad (buckwheat soba or rice noodles) and a choice of dressing
  • Vietnamese sandwich

Then you get to choose your filling of either:

  • Spice-rubbed chicken
  • BBQ Pork
  • Organic Tofu & Shitaki Mushroom

Each option comes loaded with bean sprouts, carrots, daikon, cilantro, etc. You can check out the full menu on their site.

 Bon Me Food Truck Review: Sampling the Soba Noodle Salad

bonme food truck noodles

delicious soba noodles and pork!

I ordered the soba noodle salad with miso shredded pork (didn’t see that option on their online menu, but it was there when I went) and a spicy peanut sauce.

While I didn’t get a drink, the Thai iced tea and spicy-ginger lemonade seemed definitely worth trying as well.

The Bon Me verdict: 100% incredible!

The brown to-go box that BonMe serves their Vietnamese cuisine in was generously filled with heaps of soft, savory pork with just the right kick of flavor. The meal featured piles of noodles, crunchy veggies, and a mound of meat presented in a picturesque scene of lunch-time delight.

I also got to sample Bon Me’s rice bowl with cilantro peppercorn chicken (yes, it was as amazing as it sounds). Equally fantastic and filling. Bon Me also knows how to rock sweet 90s tunes, which turns a short wait for lunch into a nostalgia-filled trip with the Backstreet Boys and Bare Naked Ladies.

At Bon Me, I paid for this first time with Level Up, which I highly recommend as they are fond of giving credits and you can get points for eating! Imagine that. (P.S. When you sign up for Level Up, use the promo code COBALT and get a $10 credit!)

Bon Me Food Truck: Big Nom Nom Value

The BonMe food truck portions are impressive, keeping me happy and full well into dinner.

At only $6 a pop, BonMe is a real food truck value.

You’ve heard me complain a few times before about Boston food truck prices being a bit unreasonable, but BonMe separates itself from the pack by offering large portions for cheap food truck prices.

BonMe Food Truck gets 5 out of 5 forks!

You may have noticed that I haven’t given any food trucks a 5 star rating in the past. Generally, I am hesitant to give 5 stars, whether it be for food reviews or in regards to online dating profiles. What can I say? There is always room for improvement. Well, almost always. I can’t think of much else BonMe could do better, so they get the honor of the first 5 star rating. Congrats guys!

Why you you’ll love it: The food is fantastic, the servings are huge, and the prices are perfect.

I was so excited about the new food truck that I brought a group of co-workers along. Now my whole office is hooked, and you will be too!

New Food Trucks in Brookline

11 Apr

Brookline, Brighton, and Allston residents rejoice – food trucks will soon be closer to us than ever! Last night Brookline Town Selectmen voted in favor of allowing food trucks in Brookline.

Five trucks will start carting mobile cuisine around town:  Pennypackers, Paris Creperie, Renula’s Greek Kitchen, Compliments, and the Baja Taco Truck.

The trucks will occupy four locations in town: two off Comm Ave, a spot at the intersection of Beacon Street and Englewood Avenue, and a Saturday morning spot in Washington Square.

The trucks are part of a six-month pilot program the selectmen approved last month, and we can expect to start seeing them as soon as April 17th!

While some complained of possibly damaging brick-and-mortar businesses in the area, Selectwoman Jesse Mermell, an advocate for the food truck pilot program, said, “I think food trucks are going to a refreshing and hopefully tasty addition our streets.” No arguments there!

Kickass Cupcakes Review: Round Two

10 Apr Kickass-Cupcakes-Truck_05

Leaving the office on a 73 degree day in Boston, entering the glorious sunshine, I was already feeling good. Then I saw the Kickass Cupcakes truck, and I knew one thing that could make this day even better: the glory of cupcakes!

Clearly others were thinking the same way, because as I ordered the Raspberry Truffle cupcake, the lady working at the kick ass cupcakes truck leaned out the window and peeled off the Raspberry Truffle sticker from the menu, signaling that mine had been the final order. My lucky day!

Kickass Cupcakes Review: Raspberry Truffle Doesn’t Skimp on the Filling

You may remember from my first review of the Kick Ass Cupcakes Truck that while the Red Velvet Cupcake had delicious frosting, the size and cake consistency were a bit disappointing.

The raspberry truffle cupcake reaffirmed my belief that kickass cupcakes have truly incredible frosting. You can tell it’s made with love by hand – nothing could be further from the sickeningly sweet and fake tasting birthday cake frosting you find at a child’s birthday.kickass-cupcakes-rasberry-truffle

The chocolate frosting on this cupcake was simply divine. The cake was a bit dry, but not terribly.

Biting into the middle, I was pleasantly surprised to find not just a tiny morsel of raspberry jam as I expected, but instead huge gooey pile of sweet jam that complemented the cake perfectly.

The whole cupcake eating experience couldn’t have been more than one minute; I inhaled the thing.

Following my new kickass cupcake experience, I’m pleased to reaffirm my original rating:

Kickass Cupcakes (continues to) get 3 out of 5 forks

Am I still a bit disappointed about the size? Sure. But these delicious little morsels are still worth it. Cupcakes continue to be the best way to end a day.

Something I noticed walking home after my cupcake delight – I don’t think I have ever bought a desert and saved it for later. The idea has simply never entered my head. Why would I buy something so delicious and eat it…later? Cookie, ice cream, cupcake, it is guaranteed to enter my stomach in five minutes or less.

It was near dinner time when I ate the Raspberry Truffle cupcake. It probably would have made more sense to save it for after dinner. But who has that kind of self-will anyway?

What about you guys? Do you save deserts? Or do you like the instant gratification like me?

More pictures below..

Red Bones Barbeque: Food Truck Review

2 Apr Redbones-Food-Truck_05

I saw the line for the Redbones Food Truck on Clarendon Street in Copley Square before I saw the truck itself.

(Mostly) men of all different shapes and sizes were waiting to fill that good ol’ fashioned carnivore craving. Construction workers in neon vests and businessmen in collared pastel shirts stood side by side.RedBones food truck line

The Red Bones Food Truck offers a number of meaty dishes for you to sample. Pick from choices like:

  • St Louis Ribs (in 1/4 rack, 1/2 rack, or full rack)
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Pulled Chicken Sandwich
  • BBQ Beef Sandwich
  • Portabello Mushroom Sandwich
  • Hound Dog

You’ll also find some varying specials depending on the day.

Better still, at the RedBones truck, you can get combo meals with some sides like the ones mom makes (well, not my mom- she can’t cook for baked beans).

Sides include:

  • Mac and Cheese
  • Potato Salad
  • Cole Slaw
  • Baked Beans
  • Dirty Rice
  • Grilled Veggies

I’m drooling just typing this.

Redbones Food Truck: The Precious Pulled Pork

I ordered the red bones pulled pork sandwich with a side of grilled vegetables. After getting my order, I moved on to the condiments table, where you can choose from some sweet sauce or hot sauce to add to your meaty meal.Red-bones-food-truck-pulled-pork

The pulled pork was just incredible – the sweet sauce complimented the tender meat perfectly. The pork itself was so juicy and flowing with deliciousness that it completely soaked the bun below it. Eating this like a normal sandwich was physically impossible, but a fork and knife did the trick.

I’ve had some good pulled pork before, and this mouthwatering meat competes with the best.

The veggies were good – a nice assortment of peppers, onions, summer squash, and zucchini. Pretty greasy, but that’s usually how it goes.

(Once Again) Lamenting Boston Food Truck Prices

So the meal was delightful, but again I found myself facing a conundrum I often encounter with food trucks – the price.

9$ (sandwich is $7 alone, add $2 for each side) is a fair price when you are going out to eat and sitting down to a delicious pulled pork sandwich in a restaurant. Maybe I’d expect that at the Red Bones main location in Somerville. But when you serve food from a truck, the price really should be cheaper.

The Redbones truck isn’t alone in this – it seems many food trucks lack the same consideration. Despite the high quality, you have to keep in mind the food truck’s origins as a ‘cheap n fast’ alternative. Food being served from a truck needs to be priced less than the usual rate, and less than the central location’s prices.

Anyhow, that’s my two cents. Do you guys agree? Should food trucks be cheaper than normal prices, even with gourmet quality food?

Despite the somewhat high price, I still have to give the Red Bones food truck a solid thumbs up review.

Redbones food truck gets 4 out of 5 forks

For a superbly wonderful pulled pork sandwich and an assortment of sides that would make Grandma proud.

My only regret is I didn’t notice the $1 cornbread. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to return to the Red Bones food truck. What a shame… ;)


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