Grilled Cheese Nation: The Second Coming

23 Mar

Grilled Cheese Nation was pretty fantastic the first time I went there. I was interested to see how it would measure up for round two.

grilled cheese nation tomato soup shot

can you hear the angels singing its praises?

This trip I sampled the Swiss Family Boston and the In Gouda We Trust (you gotta give them some brownie points for the awesome sandwich names alone).

Of course I also had to get a shot of tomato soup. Because if you don’t remember from my last Grilled Cheese Nation review, the tomato soup shot is a gift from the good Lord himself.

Grilled Cheese Nation Review: In Gouda We Trust

In Gouda We Trust was packed full of soft, succulent mushrooms, caramelized onions and creamy Gouda cheese.

In Gouda We Trust

In Gouda We Trust

The sandwich was soft and creamy, and they really didn’t skimp on the mushrooms which I appreciate it.

The only problem was a lack of flavor, which is somewhat common with the gouda variety.

As Charlie Brown might say, “Gouda Grief!”

Meg’s Fun Foodie Drinking Game: The cheese game! Name as many different cheese as you can. If you can’t think of one, drink.

(P.S. I’ve never played this drinking because I find it too challenging already. Play it anytime, anywhere. Use this fun ice breaker game to meet strangers on the T. Offer to play it with scam artists asking for money to “catch that last train home.”)

So the Gouda wasn’t so good – eh!?  It was alright, but the sandwiches we tried this week were at the higher price point of $7, so the stakes are a bit higher this time around.

Grilled Cheese Nation Review: Swiss Family Boston

Thankfully the Swiss Family Boston gets a big thumbs up. The sweet but spicy kick of the jalapeno fig jam merged with the bitter taste of swiss cheese brought this sandwich out from obscurity into the hall of fame.

Swiss Family Boston

Swiss Family Boston, more like Swiss Family Awesome!

I’m happy to reaffirm my original rating, with Grilled Cheese Nation getting 4 out of 5 forks.

Aren’t dairy products just the best? How do vegans manage?

Check out more pictures of the Grilled Cheese Nation Food Truck below, or read my original review of Grilled Cheese Nation.

Have you been to Grilled Cheese Nation? What did you think?

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