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Buying a Food Truck: Tips and Information

29 Feb

Buying a Food Truck

If you’re thinking about starting your own food truck – good on you! I can’t wait to try your delicious food truck nom noms.

Here are some links I’ve come across that have some great tips and advice for those looking to enter into the mobile food business. These articles should be helpful for anyone wanting to buy a food truck or wondering how to start your own food truck business.

How to Open a Successful Food Truck from Inc

Food Trucks 101: How to Start a Mobile Food Truck Business from Entrepreneur

Starting Your Own Food Truck: Five Things You Need to Know from PBS

How to Start a Food Truck Business from

2012 Boston Food Truck Festivals

29 Feb

Announcing Boston Food Truck Festivals for 2012

Good news – there are Boston food truck festivals on the horizon! Mmm, I can already taste it! Here are some upcoming 2012 Boston food truck festivals:

  • May 26 : The Boston Food Truck Festival at UMass Boston/Bayside Expo & Conference Center
  • June 16 : The Charlestown Food Truck Festival at Pier 4
  • July 28 : The Charles River Food Truck Festival at DCR’s Artesani Park, Brighton

You can buy your Boston food truck festival 2012 tickets at Food Truck Festivals of New England. Buy ‘em early or chance missing out on delicious mobile food mania!

Food Trucks in Boston

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for food trucks in Boston, check out Boston gov’s food truck calender and location guide.

Go Fish Review: Boston Food Trucks

18 Feb

Go Fish!: now more than just an incredibly boring card game! Go Fish offers fabulous seafood fare on the move.Go Fish Food Truck Boston

I sense your hesitancy and completely understand – fish is a tricky business.

Nearly everyone knows someone who has suffered a long night spent in a bathroom at the hands of bad seafood, if they haven’t experienced it themselves. If done wrong, seafood can be disastrous, heck, even deadly.

But don’t let those fears stop you from trying the Go Fish! mobile food truck. Those fears don’t belong here.

I can tell you firsthand, they have some of the best Fish and Chips around. Growing up in New England, I’ve had my fair share of Fish and Chips. Go Fish’s fried fish is some of the freshest I’ve seen. This is real fish food from Boston.

The Go Fish food truck offers a number of specials depending on the day. While the Grilled Swordfish Taco was tempting, this week I sampled their Fish and Chips, and I can attest to its deliciousness.

Go Fish Review: Fish and Chips

Go Fish's Fish and Chips

I’ve had their Fried Haddock Sandwich in the past, which I can also recommend. Great fish with a perfectly toasted bun.

The only disappointment is that the fries are nothing to write home about.

I like my chips (as they call them in jolly ol’ England) thick, like steak fries. The ones offered at Go Fish are your normal, pencil sized fries. Eh.

What I really appreciate about Go Fish’s food truck is their lovely table assortment of sauces and condiments. Malt Vinegar, ketchup, and salt for fries. Red pepper and chipotle sauce for the fish, among others.

Go Fish gets 3 out of 5 forks.

I’m dying to try those chorizo sliders. Maybe next time.

Have you guys tried the Go Fish food truck? What do you think of their fish-tastic selections?

Grilled Cheese Nation: Food Truck Review

10 Feb
grilled cheese nation

Big yellow truck of cheesy wonder

This is the one! The food truck that started it all. Grilled Cheese Nation.

My coworker Kate and I were taking a lunch break and going for a stroll to Copley Square.

We went into a bank to make some deposits, I turned around, and there it was – a giant yellow grilled cheese truck.

Drooling from behind the glass at TD Bank, an inner battle began to rage. Should I dine on cheesy goodness? Or exercise self-control and eat the salad I had left back at the office?

Seeing my distress, a bank worker assured me that the truck’s grilled cheese was great, and the tomato soup was one of a kind.

My salad never had a chance.

Standing outside the big yellow truck, I was excited to witness the numerous cheese choices at my disposal, as I registered:

  • Brie with asian pear
  • Blue cheese with organic fig spread
  • Gouda with caramelized onions

Where on earth was I?

I decided to play it safe with the Boston Commoner, your classic grilled cheese with choice of tomatoes and/or bacon. What caught my eye was the $1 shot of tomato soup you could get with any sandwich.

Now I’ve never been much of a tomato soup person. I hate V8 now as much as I did with I was 5. But I figured, hey, I’m an adult, let’s give it a shot – tomato soup shot that is!

The grilled cheese was great, it really was. But the soup. Oh gosh, the soup was out of this world.

We decided to get our tomato soup shot while the sandwich was being made. Immediately I gulped it down and it was gone in seconds. Thankfully, the kind cook offered to give us another helping so we could dip our sandwiches in it, which was an awesome and delicious idea.

Even better, the meal was very reasonably priced. $4 for the cheesy sandwich, plus $1 for tomatoes, and another $1 for the soup shot, adding up to about $6 for a stellar meal.

Grilled cheese is tough. I don’t really find melted cheese as having much flavor, better served instead as an additional texture to a more complex sandwich. But as far as grilled cheeses go, this was one pretty darn good.

Grilled Cheese Nation: 4 out of 5 forks.

That’s the Grilled Cheese Nation Review. Go for the grilled cheese, but stay (and never leave) for the soup.

P.S. borrowed this pic from I had some fabulous pics of my own, but my phone went haywire and destroyed them. I promise delicious food close-ups from now on.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…. of Food Trucks!

10 Feb

This blog is a Boston Food Truck Project.

The Goal: To sample, document, and review the delicious food trucks available in the Boston area

Let’s begin our blog with a look at the history of food trucks and their recent rise in popularity within the US.

A History of Food Trucks

Food trucks have recently gained an enormous rise in popularity, but the concept of mobile catering is no modern phenomenon. The concept of mobile catering has existed in America for quite some time. The origins of the modern food truck can be traced back to the mid 1900s, when the chuckwagon was created by Charles Goodnight. Goodnight (Good morning!) recognized how difficult it was to feed cattlemen a decent meal, seeing how they were on the  move constantly, driving herds of cattle across the West to bring beef to areas that were without railroads.

Being the clever fellow that he was, Charles spiffied up an old Army Wagon and stocked it with dry preserves, salted meats, and silverware. And so, the invention of the chuckwagon.

Mobile food venues grew to be available mostly for construction workers or other blue collars. You had your ice cream trucks, taco trucks, and hot dog vendors, but eating from “roach coaches” was usually thought to be a dangerous endeavor – the trucks were believed by many to be riddled with health violations. You’d see some trucks at sporting events or outside college campuses and bars (a hungry drunk usually isn’t concerned about contamination when crazed by 2am munchies).

Since 2008, the food truck industry has been completely revolutionized, increasingly more gourmet food trucks arrive on the scene. The upsurge in food truck popularity originated in NYC and LA, but has continued to move to other parts of the country. With tough economic times driving many chefs out of work, some have taken the initiative to get creative with their food venues.

The modern food truck is no roach coach of yesteryear – instead, you’ll find fine ethnic cuisine and specialty dishes at reasonable prices.

Why Food Trucks Work:

Whereas a brick and mortar restaurant might offer a wide array of food selections, food trucks have limited resources at their disposal, meaning they can only specialize in a few dishes. This allows for numerous food trucks with varying niche specialties. This setup also allows chiefs to ensure that their limited selections are excellent, concentrating their focus and efforts on those few individual dishes.

Food trucks also have the benefit of being able to travel wherever business is good. If you’re losing business at Faneuil Hall, simply truck on over (aren’t puns lovely?) to the financial district.

Check out this awesome Mashable infographic documenting the rise of the food truck:

History of Food Trucks Infographic by Mashable

History of Food Trucks Infographic by Mashable


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