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Kickass Cupcakes Review: Round Two

10 Apr Kickass-Cupcakes-Truck_05

Leaving the office on a 73 degree day in Boston, entering the glorious sunshine, I was already feeling good. Then I saw the Kickass Cupcakes truck, and I knew one thing that could make this day even better: the glory of cupcakes!

Clearly others were thinking the same way, because as I ordered the Raspberry Truffle cupcake, the lady working at the kick ass cupcakes truck leaned out the window and peeled off the Raspberry Truffle sticker from the menu, signaling that mine had been the final order. My lucky day!

Kickass Cupcakes Review: Raspberry Truffle Doesn’t Skimp on the Filling

You may remember from my first review of the Kick Ass Cupcakes Truck that while the Red Velvet Cupcake had delicious frosting, the size and cake consistency were a bit disappointing.

The raspberry truffle cupcake reaffirmed my belief that kickass cupcakes have truly incredible frosting. You can tell it’s made with love by hand – nothing could be further from the sickeningly sweet and fake tasting birthday cake frosting you find at a child’s birthday.kickass-cupcakes-rasberry-truffle

The chocolate frosting on this cupcake was simply divine. The cake was a bit dry, but not terribly.

Biting into the middle, I was pleasantly surprised to find not just a tiny morsel of raspberry jam as I expected, but instead huge gooey pile of sweet jam that complemented the cake perfectly.

The whole cupcake eating experience couldn’t have been more than one minute; I inhaled the thing.

Following my new kickass cupcake experience, I’m pleased to reaffirm my original rating:

Kickass Cupcakes (continues to) get 3 out of 5 forks

Am I still a bit disappointed about the size? Sure. But these delicious little morsels are still worth it. Cupcakes continue to be the best way to end a day.

Something I noticed walking home after my cupcake delight – I don’t think I have ever bought a desert and saved it for later. The idea has simply never entered my head. Why would I buy something so delicious and eat it…later? Cookie, ice cream, cupcake, it is guaranteed to enter my stomach in five minutes or less.

It was near dinner time when I ate the Raspberry Truffle cupcake. It probably would have made more sense to save it for after dinner. But who has that kind of self-will anyway?

What about you guys? Do you save deserts? Or do you like the instant gratification like me?

More pictures below..


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