Mei Mei Street Kitchen Is Going Green & Mortar

11 Jun

Have you heard the news? Another food truck favorite is looking to open a brick & mortar location – our very own Mei Mei Street Kitchen!

Mei Mei’s, long-time Boston food truck legend for their Double Awesome scallion-pancake sandwich and superb dumplings, is a purveyor of some of the most create and unique Chinese-American cuisine on the east coast.

They’re also obsessed with sustainability, using locally sourced ingredients and supporting nearby farms. That’s why their hosting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build one of the greenest restaurant in Boston.

Mei Mei’s is looking for funds to make eco-improvements to the restaurant, with additions like:

  • Mei-Mei-Street-Kitchen-Food-Truck-1Energy-efficient lighting, infrastructure & kitchen equipment
  • Low-flow plumbing
  • Compost and recycling programs
  • Reclaimed materials for our floors, walls and counters
  • Solar shades & insulation
  • A mini herb garden

Donations to this awesome cause will make your food greener and the earth a little happier!

On top of that, Mei Mei’s is dishing out some sweet rewards for backers, such as:

Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon!
(humans note: it is bacon)

$5 : Get your name featured somewhere in the restaurant

$30: Sweet Mei Mei swag

$100: Exclusive three course diner at the new restaurant

$250: Your choice of a Mei Mei cooking class, including, get this, a pig butchering demo! Go Dexter-style on that hog!

(see the full list on the Mei Mei kickstarter page)

The new restaurant will also have equipment necessary to help the Mei Mei team reach their highest culinary aspirations – like smokin’ more piggies, baking French macarons, and dishing out more dumplings.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen has been featured in the Boston Globe, winning a Best of Boston award for the city’s Best Meal on Wheels 2012 from Boston Magazine, and they’ve earned a Greenovate award for sustainable food leadership from the City of Boston. There are basically just the coolest.

Mei Mei's Street Kitchen Food Truck

It’s great to see Boston’s food trucks expanding to new additional physical locations – Bon Me has gained a B&M spot in Kendall Sq, Clover in Cambridge, and soon Mei Mei is moving to Kenmore Sq!

Support our bad-ass bacon-smoking buddies and make this eco-dream a reality!

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One Response to “Mei Mei Street Kitchen Is Going Green & Mortar”

  1. Mac Smith June 15, 2013 at 6:12 am #

    Well, that sounds comforting. I love the foods they offer. Even if discount van sales offer foods, Mei Mei is one of the best. Cheers!

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