Finding Food Trucks This Summer in Boston

7 Jun

Boston’s love for food trucks continues to grow, as does the love for mobile food everywhere as the food truck movement gains momentum all across the country! As James Cunningham of Food Network’s Eat St noted in a recent interview, this will be a really fantastic summer for food trucks!

With over 56 food trucks milling around Boston, there’s likely to be a few trucks that even the die hard food truck fan have yet to sample (I know I haven’t hit them all yet!).

I want to make it easy for folks to try new delicious food trucks this summer, so I’m compiling a little cheat sheet of some of the best spots to find food trucks in Boston this summer.

Food Truck Festivals: Historically, food truck festivals can be a mixed bag – you get a large number of great food trucks in one spot, but they usually mean long lines, sunburns, and porta-potties.

Food Truck Festivals of New England, after some diasterous fiascos last summer, has started implementing new food truck festival setups to reduce lines and insure that people enough samples. While I haven’t witnessed this new food truck festival design myself, I look forward to seeing the food truck festival system improve.

SOWA: SOWA, standing for “South of Washington”, is a Sunday morning favorite for many locals. SOWA has a great farmer’s market, craft vendors, vintage clothing & clothing, and, of course, food trucks. SOWA food trucks Last year you’d find 4 or 5 trucks at SOWA, but with the weekly summer event gaining in popularity, food trucks are increasing. Last weekend I counted 20 food trucks (not counting great stands too like Grillos Pickles).

Greenway Open Market: The Greenway Open Market is very SOWA-esk, featuring open air arts & crafts vendors, along with tasty food trucks. Catch it from May 25 – October 26, from 11am – 5pm on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

assembly row hand craftAssembly Row – Assemble : This is a great gem for food truck fans who wants to avoid lines. Assemble is a new weekly event hosted in Somerville every Saturday this summer as they try to promote the new Assembly Row.

The event consists mainly of unique craft and Etsy vendors, along with a handful of food trucks. Last Saturday they had Bon Me, Frozen Hoagies, Grilled Cheese Nation, all with virtually zero lines, since the event is new and isn’t too well known yet. Definitely check it out!

Do you know any secret spots to find food trucks that you want to share?

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2 Responses to “Finding Food Trucks This Summer in Boston”


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