Chicken and Rice Guys

13 Aug

Chicken and Rice Guys, Food Trucks BostonWhen I first found out the Chicken and Rice Guys (CnRG) were coming to Boston, I was thrilled. C&R Guys are inspired by a similar halal food card spoken of with reverence on 53rd and 6th on NYC.

So far the Chicken and Rice Guys have had odd hours, mostly only serving on weekends. But last Wednesday, as I was cruising Boston Gov’s food truck schedule for some mobile dinner, a small miracle happened—Chicken and Rice Guys popped up.

Serendipitously, that Wednesday was the first Wednesday of Chicken and Rice Guys’ new Back Bay location outside Prudential—which happened to be directly outside of my office building. Yes, the gods were smiling on me that rainy day as I skipped out to meet the Chicken and Rice Guy’s big yellow truck.

Food Trucks in Boston

After the stories I’d heard, I was surprised to find no line—we were the only rainy day customers at the moment. In fact, the menu hadn’t even been put up yet.

Then again, you don’t really need a menu with the Chicken and Rice Guys. It’s simple: Do you want chicken? Do you want lamb? Do you want both? This was another godsend for me, Miss Clinically-Indecisive.

Your choice of meat comes with heaps of rice, some lettuce, and pita bread. Then come the sauces. C&R Guys once again keep it simple with three sauces:

  • White Sauce: Light, creamy, yummy—the obvious go-to
  • Red Sauce: Hot sauce! And boy howdy is it hot! Tread with caution
  • Barbecue Sauce: It’s barbecue sauce. That’s all there is to say.

A dish piled with meat, rice, lettuce, pita bread, and as much sauce as you can handle comes at an economical steal for $6.

Chicken and Rice Guys Food

I got my dish and squirrelled myself away in a food court corner to eat my chicken, lamb, and rice in peace. Truly incredible—insanely generous portions of good quality meat, well-cooked rice, mixed in with some crunchy lettuce made the perfect dinner. I mostly stuck to the fabulous creamy white sauce, adding a pinpoint of hot sauce here and there for some kick.

The meal was huge—it could have been three. Somehow I managed to devour it all, unable to resist the delicious lure. It was no easy task though—you certainly won’t leave Chicken and Rice Guys hungry.

Food Truck Rating: Chicken and Rice Guys get 5 out of 5 Forks

Chicken and Rice Guys offer awesomely large portions of quality meat and rice at a great price.

Chicken and Rice Guys isn’t gourmet—nothing fancy, just heaps of great meat and rice at cheap prices. C&R Guys remind us that you don’t have to be gourmet to be great.

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2 Responses to “Chicken and Rice Guys”

  1. Mal @ The Chic Geek August 13, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    I had been wondering about this truck, thanks for the review, I will have to check it out next time it’s near my office!

    • meggo4all August 14, 2012 at 11:35 am #

      Yes, it’s absolutely worth a try! :)

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