18 Jun

Momogoose. It’s a fun word to say, but how does it stack up in the Boston food truck circuit?

The first thing you may notice about the Momogoose food truck is the line. When I visited it was pretty long. Usually in the food truck world, a long line is a good sign.

Momogoose Bostob Food Truck ReviewMomogoose specializes in healthy Southeast Asian cuisine. There’s something for the vegan, vegetarian, and meat lovers alike.

Momogoose’s food truck menu offers you a choice of baguette, rice bowl, noodle bowl, or salad bowl.

Tofu folks can get any one of these entrees for only $5, while carnivores pay an extra dollar for a choice of:

  • Koran BBQ
  • Ga Nuong
  • Bulgogi Beef
  • Spicy Daeji Pork

You can also choose to get Momogoose’s daily curry that comes with chicken or tofu, or a thai peanut dish.

Momogoose also offer some side dishes: fresh (veggie) rolls, crispy (meat?) rolls, and an assortment of tasty drinks like Mint Lemonade and Spiced Thai Tea.

Masman Curry Momogoose

Momogoose’s Masaman Curry w/ Chicken

Momogoose Review: Masaman Curry

I have a pretty gaping weak spot for curry, so I went with the Masaman Curry, the curry of the day.

The curry was fantastic with extremely generous portions that could easily pass for two meals. Huge heaps of chicken, fresh veggies, well-cooked rice, and a delicious sauce at a great price.

Food Truck Rating: Momogoose gets 4 out of 5 stars!

Momogoose and Bon Me no doubt compete for the same fresh Asian-cuisine loving customers, with similar choices of rice bowls, noodle bowls, and sandwiches, so I can’t help but compare them.

As a regular Bon Me customer, (they’re outside my office nearly every day) I have a preference for the yellow truck over the red, but from an objective view, I can tell you both trucks are superb. They are equally matched in pricing, and both offer extremely large portions.

Great work Momogoose. You’re doing it right.

Have you guys tried Momogoose? How does it compare to Bon Me? What’s your favorite dish?

One Response to “Momogoose”

  1. Unhappy Customer July 6, 2013 at 5:43 pm #

    Check your statements after purchasing. Charged me nearly 3 x more then the price listed.

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