Go Fish Review: Boston Food Trucks

18 Feb

Go Fish!: now more than just an incredibly boring card game! Go Fish offers fabulous seafood fare on the move.Go Fish Food Truck Boston

I sense your hesitancy and completely understand – fish is a tricky business.

Nearly everyone knows someone who has suffered a long night spent in a bathroom at the hands of bad seafood, if they haven’t experienced it themselves. If done wrong, seafood can be disastrous, heck, even deadly.

But don’t let those fears stop you from trying the Go Fish! mobile food truck. Those fears don’t belong here.

I can tell you firsthand, they have some of the best Fish and Chips around. Growing up in New England, I’ve had my fair share of Fish and Chips. Go Fish’s fried fish is some of the freshest I’ve seen. This is real fish food from Boston.

The Go Fish food truck offers a number of specials depending on the day. While the Grilled Swordfish Taco was tempting, this week I sampled their Fish and Chips, and I can attest to its deliciousness.

Go Fish Review: Fish and Chips

Go Fish's Fish and Chips

I’ve had their Fried Haddock Sandwich in the past, which I can also recommend. Great fish with a perfectly toasted bun.

The only disappointment is that the fries are nothing to write home about.

I like my chips (as they call them in jolly ol’ England) thick, like steak fries. The ones offered at Go Fish are your normal, pencil sized fries. Eh.

What I really appreciate about Go Fish’s food truck is their lovely table assortment of sauces and condiments. Malt Vinegar, ketchup, and salt for fries. Red pepper and chipotle sauce for the fish, among others.

Go Fish gets 3 out of 5 forks.

I’m dying to try those chorizo sliders. Maybe next time.

Have you guys tried the Go Fish food truck? What do you think of their fish-tastic selections?

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